Why You Should Consider The Honors College

If you’re looking for an opportunity to stand out in college, you should consider looking out for an application to the Honors College at your school. First and foremost, the more advanced classes and degree requirements associated with graduating from an Honors College tend to look good on your transcript and can particularly help when applying to graduate schools. However, many schools’ Honors Colleges offer a wide variety of other benefits to the students enrolled in them.

For example, here is Dr. Linda Dulin’s description of an exciting event attended by students from McLennan Community College’s Honors College:

“This past weekend we took Honors College students to the University of Arkansas at Forth Smith to attend the Great Plains Honors Conference…These students presented posters and presentations over the research and independent projects they are working on this semester. Not only did they do an excellent job, but other institutions noted their excellence. More importantly, our students are changed by opportunities like these.”

Honors Colleges not only offer honors credit courses, but can provide you with opportunities to receive a faculty mentor, to take up leadership roles in the community, and to exercise your critical, analytical, and creative talents. Not to mention scholarships opportunities.

So if you’re interested in collaborating with other motivated students in a challenging yet nurturing academic environment, taking advantage of the opportunities to travel, learn, and excel, then you should consider applying to the Honors College at your school.

And if you are attending McLennan Community College here in Waco, you should apply to the Honors College here.


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