About MAC College Money Program

Created in 1995, MAC College Money Program makes sure that finding money for college is not a problem for anyone in McLennan County who wants to get a degree.

To accomplish this goal, MAC College Money Program

  • Helps high school and college students with their federal and state applications for financial aid to get them the most financial aid money possible;
  • Teaches high school and college students about the money and support available to help them get to college; and
  • Awards scholarships and gives grants to high school and college students with financial need.

To learn more about the MAC Grant or the MAC Scholarship, visit our website here.

To set up an appointment to meet with our staff and discuss what kind of assistance we can offer you, call (254) 752-9457 to set one up.

If you have any questions about what we do or financial aid in general, you can email them to our program director Robbie Stabeno or program coordinator Sterling Moore who will be more than happy to assist you.

As a nonprofit program of the Waco Foundation, we do not charge for any of our services and are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals.


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